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                                                                                                                  A Higher Purpose
Celebrate the intrinsic worth and dignity of every single human being through the Special Olympics. Knights of Columbus councils can work with Special Olympics affiliates to determine how best to fund, sponsor or volunteer for events in the local community.

The Knights of Columbus has a unique partnership with the Special Olympics and has helped disabled athletes train for and compete in games around the world. Knights of Columbus councils have assisted with all aspects of the program from fundraising to feeding the athletes, organizing and judging events, and providing equipment and awards. Council 12126 has regularly provide dozens of volunteer hours to organize and executive events in the Na Georgia Mountains and in particular the Fannin County Special Olympics Summer Games every May for the past 5 years. There are over 300 Athletes participating from all of North Ga. In more recent years (the last 3) Council 12126 has also been a financial resource to the Summer games committee by sponsoring “celebrity waiter” nights in participation with co-sponsoring local restaurants where Knights wait tables for tips and the proprietor of the restaurant makes a donation out of the proceeds from the evening’s revenue.  It is both a fun a fruitful endeavor for the Knights and our respective Parish’s. In the 2018-19 fraternal year we expect to continue both our volunteer and financial support for the 2019 Summer games. We plan to replicate the successful “It’s a Pizza Knight” fund raiser in partnership with Cucina Rustica. This is projected to happen sometime in March 2019. We also will continue providing volunteers to support the design, development and execution of the 2019 Fannin County Summer games. It takes upwards of 100 volunteers to make this event happen and the Knights have regularly provide 25%+ of the volunteers for this high profile and worthwhile event.






Action Steps

1.    Contact the state Special Olympics chairman and local Special Olympics branch to see how the council might be of assistance.

2.    Set council goals for man hours and funds to be donated to Special Olympics.

  • See Budget submitted under separate spread sheet for financial goals. Total Fund-Raising Goal > $3,500 for Fannin Special Olympics and and K of C’s National PWID initiatives.

  • Man hours required for the 2 events:      

    1. It’s a Pizza Knight – 15 Volunteers for 4 hours 4:30-8:30 one evening in March (100hrs, planning + event)

    2. Fannin County Special Olympics 2019 – 15-25 Volunteers from the Knights and Parish Communities – 8:00AM – 2:00PM the second or third week in May.  (150hrs, planning + event)

3.    We will build public interest in the Special Olympics events as follows:

        Promote in both St. Anthony and St. Catharine’s parish family along with the broader communities of Blue Ridge, McKay’s Ville and

       Cooper Hill through a variety of efforts:

  • Parish Website and Facebook Pages

  • Sponsor’s Website and Facebook

  • Announcements in local media: gofetch, Observer,

  • Pulpit announcements

  • Church Bulletins

  • Signs on display at both Churches supporting downtown business’

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