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                                                                                                                   A Higher Purpose
       Change hearts and minds about abortion by showing that the Knights of Columbus loves both mother and child before and after birth. Councils can provide material, financial, labor and other support to pro-life pregnancy centers that help women during pregnancy and following the birth of their newborn children.

       More than 3000 pro-life pregnancy centers now operate throughout territories of the Knights of Columbus. By the very nature of its founding, the Knights of Columbus is called to care for the widow and orphan. Abortion-vulnerable unborn children and mothers experiencing unexpected pregnancies certainly fall within that mandate. With aid from the Knights, pregnancy centers can offer support to help women choose life. Councils can “adopt” a pregnancy center and provide material, labor, and spiritual support throughout the years.


Action Steps

1.    We have met with the local pregnancy center Director in Blue Ridge, Margaret Keck of Her Hope Pregnancy Center  which opened in March 2018. This is a Christian based women’s and men’s pregnancy counseling facility. They

       have been supported with a rent-free facility and funding from different area faith-based organizations but are in need of some

       funding for advertising and promotion to get the word out. Namely they would like to raise $2,500 for a road side billboard on

       highway 515 just a hundred feet away from their Center and the new University of North Ga. We agreed to do the following:

       Develop a long-term relationship with Her Hope Pregnancy Center. Deacon Loris is on the board of the Center and a Chairperson the

       Pregnancy Center Support Program for Council 12126. It has been agreed he will be the primary liaison with the Center with Support

       from the Life Program Director.  (On-Going)  

       Provide immediate funding contribution of $1,250 from Council 12126 2018-2019 Budget and current accounts to support Center

       advertising needs.(Completed 10/2018)  

       Raise a matching $1,250 in funding in private donations from brother Knight’s to provide the full required $

       to erect the Billboard Advertisement. (Completed 10/2018)


      Partner with the Copper Basin Ministerial Association to conduct a baby bottle bank drive at both St. Anthony and St. Catherine’s               beginning January 5th and concluding on January 27th. Proceeds from these 2 parish fund raisers will go back to the Knight’s

      general fund to replenish the fund advanced to Her Hope Pregnancy Center.

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