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2019-2020 Fraternal Year

Life Programs Plan Updated 12/10/2019        



In 2019 the Knights of Columbus are implementing a new structure to organize our community and spiritual contributions called Faith in Action. Faith in Action is broken down into 4 major program components which are, Faith, Family, Community and Life. The Life Program Director is responsible for putting in place a plan to organize, promote and execute programs that support the guidance and emphasis provided by Supreme Council for this program. Council 12126 had decided to focus the 2019–2020 fraternal year on the following key initiative as selected from the recommended list from Supreme with a mix of community and faith-based initiatives. After several planning meeting with Council Officers, and research and discussion with others in our parish and community, the Life Program Director, Bruce Culbert recommends the following programs, activities and actions. Also see additional spreadsheet on budget and fundraising requirements.


The Life Programs for 20192020 Fraternal Year is broke down by Community based initiatives and Spiritual based initiatives. These particular programs were chosen because they were programs that we were already supporting, such as March for Life and Special Olympics, and programs we felt we could do successfully with a positive impact on our church family and the community. All of the recommend programs fit into the definition of the Life Programs as defined by the Supreme Council. The program recommendations for 2018-1019 are:



March for Life

Special Olympics

Pregnancy Center Support



Novena for Life


In to Action:  Who will be leading these initiatives?


  • Life Programs Director – Bruce Culbert

  • March for Life Committee Chairpersons – Russel Cornell, Bruce Culbert

  • Special Olympics Committee Chair – Bruce Culbert

    • Subcommittee 1: It’s a Pizza Knight fund raiser Chairpersons: Joe Monticello, Bruce Culbert   

    • Subcommittee 2: Fannin County Special Olympics Summer Games Volunteers: Chairpersons: Mark Belongie, Bruce Culbert  

  • Pregnancy Center Support Chairpersons – Deacon Loris, Bruce Culbert

  • Novena for Life Committee Chair – Bruce Culbert, Collaborating Pastor: Fr. John Conway

  • Communication Dir.  – Susan Culbert – Photo, Video Web, Media, Bulletins, PR

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